The role of composite spinneret in spinning process

The key function of the spinneret in the whole process of spunbond nonwoven production is to convert the viscous and flowing polymer solution or melt into a fine flow with a special cross-sectional shape of the Jingmen melt-blown spinneret according to the microporous plate.

Application characteristics of meltblown spinneret

"In the production process, the spinneret is the key component to ensure product quality and product innovation." The reporter often heard such words in the communication with chemical fiber enterprises. Many users hope that equipment companies can target users in the production process. This is a "big event" that is directly related to the improvement of quality and efficiency of user enterprises and energy conservation and emission reduction.

Meltblown line spinneret cleaning

The production of mask non-woven fabrics is made of polymer chips with high melt index, after extrusion heating and melting into a high temperature melt with good flow properties, the melt sprayed from the spinneret by high temperature and high speed hot air flow.

In-depth analysis of conventional spinning

The slices are fed into the screw extruder from the feed port by their own weight. Due to the rotation of the screw, the slice moves forward along the screw groove, and the outer side of the screw sleeve is equipped with a heating element, which transfers heat to the slice through the sleeve; of heat. The slices are melted by heat and compressed by the extruder with a certain melt pressure.

What should be paid attention to in the use of composite spinning spinnerets

We all know that in the process of spinning production, the effective installation and application of Guangdong spinneret processing of parts is inevitable. For example, in spinning production and processing, what must be paid attention to in the application of composite spinnerets? Many people have found a series of problems when using such special tools. If such problems are not handled properly, they will endanger spinning quality.

Production of high-precision composite spinnerets of various specifications

The composite spinneret designed, manufactured and produced by the company has been optimized on the basis of its structure to produce a variety of high-precision composite spinneret gauges of various specifications.

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